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Melbourne is a unique, vibrant and extremely liveable city! We currently reside in Melbourne (when not travelling) and love the culture, food, coffee, and charm of the city. The city is home to numerous laneways, many with different feels and aesthetics. While it’s not quite your ‘European laneways’, Melbourne’s alleyways have a unique culture and charm about them. Enjoy the street art, the little shops and cafe’s that you’ll find hidden, and take lots of pictures! We highlight recommend the underrated Guildford Lane (our top pick), a vibrant alleyway shrouded with plants. See below for a list of further laneways you should definitely check out on your Melbourne day trip! Additionally, read on to be linked with our complete Melbourne guide!

See a list of our favourite laneways in Melbourne:

  • Guildford Lane: This cute lane, calm laneway is a little away from the busier parts of the city, but in our opinion, is one of the top laneways in the city! This narrow street is lined with plants and trees creating a beautiful aesthetic. There are also a few cafes, restaurants and stores.
  • Hardware Lane – This bustling alleyway is one of the closest spots to Europe you’ll find in Melbourne. On a warm evening, wander along past packed outdoor restaurants and live music. It’s a vibe, and it is also home to one of our favourite restaurants in Melbourne, Miznon.
  • Degraves Street & Centre Place: Another top pick to check out that is located close to Flinders Street station. These to laneways are continuous with each other, and both have a distinct Euro-feel. There are lots of cute cafes and shops, plus plenty of good visuals to take lovely photos!

  • Drewery Lane: Another underrated alleyway, Drewery Lane is home to a great wine bar, HER (head to the rooftop), and a top café (Little Rogue).
  • Rankins Lane: This is another charming leafy lane that is home to a great bagel café (Manchester Press). Add it to the list!
  • See the incredible Melbourne street art at Hozier Lane, AC/DC Lane and Duckboard Place: We have grouped all of these laneways together, and we think they all have similar (street art) but unique characteristics. Definitely a ‘Melbourne experience.
  • Flinders Lane: While not as ‘cute’ as the other alleyways, Flinders Lane makes the list due to the amount of great bars and restaurants it houses. Head to the ‘east end’ of the street for all of the best venues.
  • Royal & Block Arcades – While these covered laneways are little touristy, we think they are definitely worth a look. They are home to a real ‘Europe feel’ and are unique to most of the other laneways on this list.
  • Tattersalls Lane: Located off Little Bourke Street, this alleyway is home to one of our favourite outdoor bars, Section 8. It’s worth checking out if you are nearby.
  • Cathedral Arcade: Another beautiful covered arcade located near Flinders Street worth checking out and adding to your list.
  • The lane in-front of H&M in Melbourne: Okay, this isn’t a ‘true alleyway’, but the covered walkway is charming, has some cafe’s, and is amazing for photos.
  • Chinatown along Little Bourke Street: Another street that’s not a true alleyway, but one that’s worth walking along! It’s full of character and home to many great Asian restaurants!

Have we missed any of your favourite laneways or alleys in Melbourne? Please comment them below!

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