Tasting The Best Coffee in Uluwatu: Our Top Picks!

the best coffee in uluwatu bali Indonesia cafe recommendations

Coffee is our religion! Or at least a daily ritual! So of course on our visit to Uluwatu we made it our mission to taste the best coffees around! After sampling 2+ coffees a day we got through a lot of different cafe’s and are happy to share our thoughts, and top picks below! Overall, the quality of cafes, and coffee, was at a very high level. The cafes boast beautiful aesthetics, great co-working spaces and affordable tasty food. Uluwatu definitely has a great cafe and brunch scene!

Our favourite coffees and cafes in Uluwatu Bali


This stunning cafe is the kind of place you imagine when thinking about Bali. Tall bamboo ceilings with relaxed seating located just away from the hustle of the main street (and right near our favourite gym). Apart from the incredible aesthetic, the coffee was excellent, definitely one of the best we had in Uluwatu. We also enjoyed their well priced brunch menu!

BGS Uluwatu:

This coffee shop was one of our favourites. Located down the end of the main street near Single Fin, these guys know how to make a good coffee! The staff were friendly, the atmosphere relaxed, and the brews as good (or better) than any you’ll find in Uluwatu! Definitely one to add to your list! Note: they offer sweet treats but this is not the place for brunch or co-working. The coffee is definitely the focus!

Uluwatu Motorcycles:

Don’t let the name fool you, Uluwatu Motorcycles is an espresso bar located just off the main street that you should definitely visit. Offering specialty coffee, a cute aesthetic and very friendly staff, this was another of our favourites during our stay in Uluwatu.


A classy main street cafe that definitely had us coming back. Offering good food (we loved our Mexican bowl) and excellent coffee! Situated close to a number of other cafes (The Loft, Alchemy, Drifters), this end of Uluwatu’s main street is the place to go for good coffee, co-working spaces and more! Nourish should definitely be on your list!


Boasting one of the most beautiful spaces of all the cafe’s in Uluwatu, Alchemy should be high on your list. This vegetarian & vegan cafe delivers good coffee (but only plant based milks), tasty breakfast (try the banana pancakes!) and an excellent vibe to relax, work or socialise.

The Loft:

The Loft is another great cafe in Uluwatu along the main street, offering a delightful open space, good food and a must.. great coffee! The Loft had one of the better coffee’s from our stay in Uluwatu, so it’s definitely worth a visit for those caffeine addicts like us!

Bambu Cafe:

Located adjacent to our favourite gym in the area, Bambu, this cafe is a hum of activity especially in the morning following their popular group classes. Find health-conscious meals, protein smoothies and good coffee.

Suka Espresso:

This Uluwatu cafΓ© staple sits at the more ‘touristy’ end of the main street near Padang Padang beach, and you can tell by the crowds. If you’re willing to wait, you will get good coffee, but be prepared, it might be a while. We visited but didn’t stay long due to the crowds.

Drifters Cafe:

This cafe has a surf shop and restaurant, and was a great place to stop and grab a coffee and breakfast. While it may appear quiet at the front, head through the shop to the relaxed outdoor area. The coffee was good and the breakfast tasty!

JinjeRoot Coffee:

Situated away from the heart of Uluwatu on the main road leading into/out of the town, Jinjeroot delivers an excellent coffee! We stopped past on our way to the ferry port of Sanur. It may be a tiny coffee shop on the side of the road, and be a little harder to reach, but it was definitely one we are glad we checked out!

The Others..

Uluwatu has numerous other cafe’s like The Bakery, Ours. (we visited for drinks not coffee), The Place With No Name, District 6 and more! If we have missed some of your favourites, please comment them below!

The Awards:

*please note these are just our opinions!

Best coffee in Uluwatu:
  • BGS Uluwatu: 9/10
  • The Loft: 8.5/10
  • Chela: 8/10
  • Nourish: 8/10
  • Uluwatu Motocycle: 8/10
Best co-working cafe’s in Uluwatu:
  • Alchemy
  • The Loft

Note that most cafes had good spaces for co-working and they were all happy to allow you to perch with your laptop.

Please let us know in the comments if you think we have missed some of your favourites!

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  1. melissaketodiet

    June 26, 2023 at 8:05 am

    This post is really interesting! I’ve never been to Uluwatu but I’d love to try some of these coffee shops if I ever do. Thanks for sharing your recommendations!
    Regard Mel

    • Ky

      June 26, 2023 at 10:14 pm

      No worries! Definitely save this list for when you visit!!


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