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The Algarve, the southern gem of Portugal. When looking at photos of Portugal on Instagram and travel blogs, the Algarve is frequently featured, and for good reason.. it’s beautiful! We had earmarked this southern region of Portugal as somewhere we wanted to see on our Portugese adventures in 2019. The highlights are definitely the stunning beaches are frames by rugged limestone cliffs. Take a look below at some of the moments from our time down south, along with a few recommendations and tips.

Where did we spend our time?

Lagos: it’s the biggest Algarve town, and is a perfect base for your adventures! It has the best nightlife, beaches in close proximity and good restaurants.

The Beaches: these are the ones we visited, but there’s so many we didn’t that look equally excellent.

  • The beaches near Lagos, including Praia do Pinhao, Praia Dona Ana and Praia do Camilo are all excellent and where we spent most of our beach days!
  • Praia da Marinha is one of the most photographed and well known Portugese beaches. We road tripped down from Lagos and enjoyed our day here!
  • Praia Do Costelo near Albufeira was another stunning view.
  • Burgau: see below

Other Towns:

  • Burgau: we did a day trip down here and loved it! A recommended addition if you can! Sweeping cliffs and whitewashed houses make a beautiful setting to photograph and explore.
  • Tavira: we spent a night down in Tavira, and overall, whilst a beautiful town, it isn’t somewhere that you must see on your trip. However, we had our best meal of the Algarve here. If you visit Tavira, you MUST go to Tres Palmeiras. It’s all seafood/fish, and incredibly well priced (or at least was when we visited). The wait is worth it, let them serve you, and enjoy!

Algarve Considerations..

Hire a car: this is a must if you want to venture along the coast and check out some of the beaches (e.g. Praia Da Marinha). However, if you are happy enough to stay in Lagos, which has a few sensational beaches and a great old town, then a car may not be needed.

The water: for those accustomed to the mediterranean beaches and warm water, be prepared, The Algarve water is cold! Coming from Melbourne, Australia, we thought we were used to cold water, however it was a shock, even for us. We hadn’t factored in that Portugal borders the Atlantic Ocean, bringing the colder temperatures. Whilst this didn’t ruin our experience, it definitely reduced the enjoyment and the time we spent in the water (Tess especially!).

Early bird gets the worm: rising early to check out some of the more popular beaches, e.g. Praia Da Marinha, is recommended if you want to take some of the “empty beach shots” that you see dotted over Instagram.

LagosLagos Bridge Sunset

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